Corylus Avellana
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Corylus Avellana (Hazel)

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Large native shrub, which tolerates shade. Produces hazelnuts which attract pheasants, jays and squirrels. Useful addition to farm hedges.

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Corylus Avellana (Hazel)- This is a very useful shrub, being both attractive as well as versatile. Growing up to 8meters tall, hazel has a small but dense rounded habit and possess vivid green round leaves, which have rough toothed edges and golden autumn colours. This shrub looks at home in gardens, parklands and woodlands, as well as being an important component to traditional hedgerows found in Britain. A common feature of Hazel is the abundance of long male yellow catkins, which can be found in abundance, scattered over the bare branches in the turn of Spring. Hazel is highly valued by wildlife, with its leaves and hazelnuts forming a common food source for insects, birds and small mammals.

Fruit: The fruits of Hazel are the familiar hazelnut. The small oval shaped nuts are encased in a hard shell.

Timber: In the past, hazel timber was used in thatching spars, hurdles and furniture, favoured for its twists and knots. Nowadays, hazel is more commonly grown as a coppice, the resulting timber being used fencing posts and canes.

Soil Type/Habitat: Hazel can be found to occur naturally in the understory of deciduous woodlands, therefore it grows best in damp fertile soil. But will tolerate a wide range of situations. A very tough shrub which is frost resistant.

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