Cotoneaster Franchetii
C-franchetti foliageCotFra

Cotoneaster Franchetti

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Grey under leaf and red berries combined with good autumn colour.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Cotoneaster Franchetti- This is a semi evergreen shrub, which can grow up to 3metres in height. The small ovate leaves are a dark green, and are shiny on the upper side with dense yellow-white hairs underneath. The petite white flowers appear in May and June, and are often found in clumps of 5-15. Each flower is edged with a rose-pink, very delicate in contrast to the cotoneasters branching nature. Makes an attractive hedge as well as a spectacular specimen shrub due to its rounded compact habit.

Fruit: The small oblong fruit is orange/scarlet in colour, ripening in October. The fruit is favoured by berry eating birds.

Soil Types/Habitat: A very adaptable plant which will grow in a range of settings and conditions.

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