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Picea Abies ( Norway Spruce )

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Tolerates a wide variety of soil and sites including wet and heavy land. Use the German provenance for Christmas tree production.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Picea Abies (Norway Spruce)- A tall slender symmetrical tree which can grow up to 40 metres in height. Norway spruce was once commonly grown for timber production but nowadays sitka spruce is more commercially feasible, so increasingly Norway spruce is being used for Christmas tree production, but is also is still grown for the timber market. Its needle like leaves have a rich sweet smell, and rich green colour. Will tolerate a wide variety of soils, including wet and heavy land but does not cope well in windy sites.

Cones: The male cones are globular and yellow, 1cm long hanging down from the shoots. The female cones are oval, green or dark red and when fertilized they become dark brown.

Timber: The timber is strong light and elastic and is used for paper pulp, chipboard, matches, musical instruments, table tops and more. Turpentine is extracted for the blisters on the trunk and branches. Twigs can be used to make spruce beer.

Soil Types/Habitat: It will tolerate a wide variety of soils, including wet and heavy land.

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