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Pinus Sylvestris ( Scots Pine )

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A very useful tree for timber, amenity woods, shelter belts and Christmas trees. This native tree should seriously be considered for use in most plantations.

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Pinus Sylvestris (Scots Pine)- A very useful native tree which has a multitude of uses, ranging from timber to amenity woods, shelter belts and Christmas trees. Growing up to 35 metres in height with a slender trunk and blue/green needle-like leaves which form a sparse canopy high up the trunk. Being the UK’s only true native pine, it grows best on well-drained soil, except chalk, growing fast in its early years but it does slow down with age. Overall, a very useful forestry tree, producing strong timber.

Cones: The male cones are small, yellow and rounded. The female cones are pink and globular when fertilised becoming green and turning down on the stem during the next year. The female cones are approximately 3-8cm long.

Timber: It yields a good multi-purpose timber which is used for telegraph poles, railway sleepers, fencing and chipboard ect.

Soil Types/Habitat: It thrives in light acid soils which are well drained. It will grow well in most habitats.

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