Prunus Padus
bird cherry flowers

Prunus Padus (Bird Cherry)

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Medium-sized native tree produces masses of white flowers and small dark cherry fruit. Very hardy and often used for edge planting in shelter belts.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Prunus Padus (Bird Cherry)- A medium sized native tree with a multitude of uses. Its bark is smooth and brown to grey in colour and its leaves have a slight leathery texture with a dark green upper side but a paler green underneath. Unlike wild cherry, bird cherry leaves are oval shape with sharp fine tooted edges. Its flowers appear around May time, after the leaves. They grow in clusters of long spikes, white in colour with an almond scent. The flowers are followed by small dark cherry fruits, great for wildlife, especially birds. This hardy tree tends to be found in woods, by streams and rivers and in hedgerows, but can also be used as an ornamental tree.

Fruit: It produces small egg-shaped fruits which are dark red, almost black, and bitter to taste.

Timber: Its timber light timber is sometimes preferred by cabinetmakers.

Soil Types/ Habitat: Grows will in neutral or alkaline soils. It thrives in wet sites, often being found in by streams and limestone hills.

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