Pseudotsuga Taxifolia

Pseudotsuga Taxifolia ( Douglas Fir )

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A fast growing and valuable timber tree, best used on sheltered sites.

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Pseudotsuga Taxifolia (Douglas Fir)- This very tall evergreen conifer tree can grow up to 55+ meters tall and live for up to 1000 years. Its common name stems from the Scottish botanist, David Douglas, who first introduced the tree to the UK nearly 200 years ago. Since it was introduced, Douglas Fir has been mostly used for commercial forestry purposes, producing hard timber used to make beams, furniture and flooring plus much, much more. A distinguishable feature of Douglas fir is its bark, which is a purple/brown colour and very thick with a cork like texture. Its needles are around 2cm long and flat with two silver/green stripes underneath. In a dense forest, where the trees tend to grow taller, Douglas fir will lose their lower branches so most of the foliage will start high off the ground. However, where more light and space is available the branches tend to grow closer to the floor.

Cones: The female flowers are a deep pink and mature into cones around 7-10cm long

Timber: The timber is strong and durable and is used for fencing rails, joinery, paper pulp ect.

Soil Types/ Habitat: It prefers moist, light acid and well-drained soil, growing best in full sun.

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