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Farm hedging is seen all over our countryside, spanning for miles. At TreesPlease we are specialist growers of hedging stock and pride ourselves on producing strong and sturdy plants. 

We sell our hedging as either individual plants or as part of a hedging mix which includes hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, dog rose, hazel and crab apple. If you need rabbit protection, this can be added into the mix at a discounted rate if bought with the trees. 

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Our native Hedging pack includes 6 plants per metre and can be planted in a single line or a staggered double row. The hedgepacks include traditional species including Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Field Maple, Hazel, Crab Apple and Dog Rose.  

Suitable for Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier, Higher Tier and capital grant schemes, we can tailor a mix to your requirements and supply a range of conventional and bio-degradeable guards if required


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