Three Decades of Excellence in Tree Cultivation

Since 1985, TreesPlease has cultivated saplings on 140ha in Northumberland, providing 18 million+ trees annually, including superior varieties from select seed orchards.


About Trees Please

a family run nursery

Established in 1985 TreesPlease grow saplings on 140ha of land in Northumberland, supplying over 18 million trees and hedging plants annually. The site has long been associated with tree production, being a former Forestry Commission nursery site where many of the trees which form Keilder Forest first began. 

We supply a large range of native broadleaf species along with improved species of Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Douglas fir and Scots pine. 

Being a family run business we pride ourselves on good service and short lines of communication coupled with old fashioned standards of quality. 


grown from seed

Growing from seed is reliant on time and the experience of the grower. At TreesPlease, we pride ourselves on the 200+years experience of our production team who have dedicated their careers to producing quality trees grown from the very best genetic material.

Large investments in seed testing, collecting and processing has meant that TreesPlease are able to offer a wider range of native broadleaves as well as more select and qualified seed orchard material proven to produce stock with gains in density, growth rates and straightness. 

trees please

planting for a better future

TreesPlease have established links with many research and forest management companies who we work along side not only as a tree supplier but as custodians of the landscape, forest ecosystems and bio-diversity.

We have ongoing trials taking place on the nursery to improve growing methods while maintaining the high standards of quality customers expect. 

In a separate bid to better the environment, TreesPlease ensure high standards of biosecurity with care taken to minimise the risk of spreading pests and diseases throughout all parts of the supply chain. Our commitment to this is monitored through the Plant Healthy accreditation scheme. 

Plant Healthy Accredited

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