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Our customers include many of the largest forestry planting organisations in the UK


Trees Please

committed to producing quality

TreesPlease are committed to producing quality UK grown forestry trees for the timber trade. Our conifers and broadleaves are grown from carefully selected seed sources of the very best genetic material to encourage rapid establishment and growth for profitable timber production.


TreesPlease offer a range of provenances to suit all planting needs along with tree protection supplies for every situation, softwood and hardwood stakes, canes and accessories.


Our broadleaves are grown from a wide selection of native seed zones, especially 204 and 109, with many of these coming from our own seed collections. We offer northern provenances for all main Scottish species as well as selected stand material. We can assure full traceability from the time seed is collected to the moment our trees are delivered to the customer.


timber trees

Our conifers have improved genetic gains in density, growth rate and straightness, resulting in the growth of valuable timber trees.


We pride ourselves in the low failure rates of our trees, and with our innovative weevil treatment process, we can further reduce losses by helping to eliminate weevil damage.


Plant supplier certificates are provided for forestry trees as regulated by FRM (Forestry Reproductive Material Regulations 2002).

Cold Store

Our cold storage facility can hold around 5 million plants.

Freshly lifted stock is kept in a humidified store to maintain root moisture.


Graded stock is packed ready for longer term storage at controlled temperatures down to minus 2 degrees celsuis. The plants are kept dormant and in perfect condition to extend the planting season into late spring.